About Us

Owners JD & Crystal McKenzie have dreamed of a better way to give back to their community. In the spring of 2020 Crystal became intrigued by online auctions. Initially she was only buying items from these auctions but then she purchased her first pallet…and the rest is history.

JD & Crystal both have full time careers outside of The Barnyard. They have decided to create this business so they can give back to their community and to also teach their children how to build a business from the ground up.

JD is a Principal at Notre Dame High School in Portsmouth, OH. JD taught History at NDHS for 13 years before becoming the principal in 2019. In addition to his Principal duties, he is also the Notre Dame Titans Varsity Girls Basketball Head Coach where he has led the Lady Titans successfully for the last 12 seasons. In JD’s spare time he enjoys raising cattle for freezer beef, and Boxer puppies for Boxer lovers across the United States!

Crystal is the Director of Human Resources at her family’s hardwood lumber/flooring company, Graf Brothers Flooring, Inc. in South Shore, KY. She is an Assistant Coach on the Notre Dame Titans Varsity Girls Basketball team, also known as the “Team Mom” and the “Get Back Coach,” for JD of course! Crystal also enjoys the cattle but enjoys raising the Boxer puppies more.

The Barnyard Goal

The goal of The Barnyard is to teach our children the benefits of hard work. We strive to always be Citizens of high character and more importantly we have a deep passion for giving back. We want to be clear that The Barnyard will be a for-profit company, but we plan to give back to the community as much as possible.

What is The Barnyard?

The Barnyard is discount store. We purchase liquidated pallets from all your favorite retailers. We then breakdown those pallets and sell the items separately.  The items for sale will include mis-ships, returns, box damage and overstock/shelf pull.   Items will be sold by various means including Highest Offer, Buy it Now, or Make an Offer.

How are the items sold?

Highest Offer – BYHO (Within a certain time frame) – These items will be up for bid within a certain time frame. You will have the opportunity to bid on the items within that time frame. Whomever has the highest offer at the end of the allotted time frame will win that item. You will be able to watch/monitor these items through your Barnyard Account.

Buy It Now BYBIN – These items will be available to buy now. There will be no taking chances to wait to see if you had the highest offer. If you want the item, click BUY IT NOW and you will pay the BUY IT NOW price that is listed.

Make An Offer BYMAE – These items will be sold as is. More than likely these items will have damage to them, which will be described/photographed in the item’s description. We will take offers on these types of items, if we accept your offer, you will be notified through your Barnyard Account.

Getting your items

There will be several options as to how to pick up your items. Currently “The Barn” is not completed so your options will include:

Schedule a pickup: Email info@barnyardonline.com to schedule your pickup. We can meet at either of our employers by appointment. We can also meet at public locations within your area. We WILL NOT meet at our home.

Shipping:  Some items may be available for shipping.  For shipping questions please email info@barnyardonline.com